Otto of the Silver Hand: by Howard Pyle

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Clatter! Clatter! Jingle! Jingle! It was a fully armed knight that came riding up the steep hill road that wound from left to right and right to left amid the vineyards on the slopes of St. Michaelsburg. Polished helm and corselet blazed in the noon sunlight, for no knight in those days dared to ride the roads except in full armor.

On a silent day in Medieval Germany, Baron Conrad of Drachenhausen arrived at the Monastery of St. Michaelsburg. In his arms was a precious bundle—his only son, Otto. Would the abbot care for his infant son, as he could not?

Otto is taken in, and there learns of goodness, kindness, and understanding. But his days of peace soon come to an end when his father returns to fetch him home. Unbeknownst to anyone, a terrible fate awaits Otto once he leaves the protective walls of the monastery, thanks to an on-going feud between two powerful families. Will the unsuspecting lad hold up to what fate has dealt him?

125 pages