Pre K-8: Math Course Set: Level 4 (Discontinued Edition)


Get started with Math 4 now with the Math 4 Part 1 Course Book and the Math 3/4 Activity Box which is integrated with the course.

With visually stunning pages, powerful games, and manipulatives, and real-life application, this open-and-go math curriculum is sure to bring a love and enjoyment of math to both teacher and child.

  • Carefully designed to pack deeply effective learning in less time
  • Incorporates God, beauty, and meaning
  • Offers a balanced, traditional approach that incorporates all learning styles
  • Powerful lessons which are academically strong and easy to teach

For those who did not complete Math 3 or would like a review, six free transition lessons found on the FAQs, Helps, and Extras page should be completed prior to beginning Math 4.

Note: The Level 3–4 Math Activity Box that will be included in the Math 4 course set is the same activity box used in Math 3. The Math 4 Part 2 Course Book is anticipated to release in spring 2021.