The Good and the Beautiful Nature Reader–Insects & Arachnids: by Various Authors

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Nature Reader: Insects & Arachnids includes four stories that each follow an insect or arachnid through its entire life cycle. From the moment they hatch to their final days, come along as a carnivorous glowworm hunts for a meal through underground tunnels; a garden spider rides through the wind on a homespun parachute; a honeybee learns how to use her tongue to make honey; and a monarch butterfly finds her way to the winter home of her ancestors, thousands of miles away.

In this delightful reader, one is reminded that even the smallest of God’s creations is worthy of one’s time and consideration. There is beauty and amazement all around, and this reader will help one learn where to find it.

Hardcover, 173 pages, by Mary Adrian, Marion W. Marcher, and Paul McCutcheon Sears