Bedtime Songs

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The type of music children listen to at a young age can greatly impact their minds and their characters. The eight songs included in the Bedtime Songs album will lull children to sleep as beautiful musical and language patterns fill their minds and messages about the love of God and family and the wonders of nature fill their hearts.

Please note: these songs are available for free on our Kids YouTube Channel. As a convenience and for those who would like an alternative to YouTube, we have also made these songs available as purchasable MP3s.

You will receive a link to download 8 songs created by Jenny Phillips including:

  • Child’s Lullaby
  • Mr. Owl
  • The Nesting Hour
  • Thou God Seest Me
  • Song at Dusk
  • Meadow of the Night
  • Tender Shepherd
  • Goodnight

Click here to view our Quiet Time Learning Songs music album.

Please note: these songs are not available in physical format or on a CD. You may burn a CD for your own family’s use using the downloaded MP3s. Files may not be shared with those outside of your household.