Discover the incredible beauty and purpose of the plants that fill our earth. Through easy, hands-on experiments and vibrant lessons, children will learn to see God’s magnificent hand in the world that surrounds them. Videos for every experiment in the Botany unit make it even easier to teach! This 124-page unit will help your child learn about the diversity, beauty, and function of plants. Full page lesson extensions throughout the unit provide added learning for grades 7-8. Also check out our new, original Read-Aloud Book Pack for all ages and Trees and Their World, specially designed for grades 7–8! 

Each family will need one copy of the Course Book and one Student Journal per child. Don’t miss the read-aloud book pack and 7–8 extension book available below to expand learning!

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Botany
Lesson 2 – The Life Cycle of a Plant
Lesson 3 – Parts of a Plant
Lesson 4 – Seeds
Lesson 5 – Flowers: Part 1
Lesson 6 – Flowers: Part 2
Lesson 7 – Leaves
Lesson 8 – Photosynthesis
Lesson 9 – Plant Cells
Lesson 10 – Plant Classification
Lesson 11 – Growing Plants
Lesson 12 – Trees
Lesson 13 – Carnivorous and Poisonous Plants