High School 3: Language Arts Course Set

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The High School 3 Language Arts Course focuses on strong writing skills and preparing students for college-level courses with beautiful artwork and profanity-free literature of the highest moral and literary standards. This full school-year student-directed course combines the following subjects: literature, writing, grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, geography, art, and art history.


  • 10 Full-Color Unit Booklets: 295 pages
  • PDF Answer Key & Unit Checks: 66 pages
  • Grammar & Writing Guide: 98 pages
  • High School Cards: 42 cards
  • The Good and the Beautiful Short Story Collection by Various Authors: 134 pages
  • The Little Duke by Charlotte M. Yonge: 128 pages
  • Florence NightingaleThe Angel of the Crimea by Laura E. Richards: 97 pages
  • The Call of the WoodsAn Edgar Guest Collection Written and Compiled by Jenny Phillips: 149 pages