Level 3 Language Arts Course Set

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The 120 parent-led lessons in the Level 3 Language Arts course are engaging for children and academically robust and also optimized to reduce parent teaching time. Through careful design, so much good and beautiful learning takes place in a small amount of time in foundational language arts subjects including phonics, reading, spelling, writing, grammar and punctuation, literature, art, poetry memorization and appreciation, and geography. All of this is taught in gentle, natural, and enjoyable ways for the child.

Highlights of this updated edition include a fun and effective spelling program that teaches spelling rules, spelling principles, spelling patterns, commonly misspelled, words, and more. It is also our goal to build strong writers without making them melt down or push back with every writing assignment, as so many kids do at this age. Our special scaffolding approach in Level 3 meets children where they really are and makes writing achievable. The writing projects are fun and correlated with what the child is learning in art, literature, and geography. As the children progress through the course, they receive less and less scaffolding as their confidence and skills increase. One of the other loved parts of this course is the optional videos that are in most lessons. You can use a video to replace the lesson if you don’t want to teach it or need a break. Or you can use the video to reinforce or extend the short lesson. Check out these exciting updates by purchasing above!

The Language Arts Level 3 Course Set includes the Level 3 Course Book, Spelling Practice Book, and the Phonics Read-Together Books Set.