Level 3 Language Arts Course Set


Level 3 Language Arts is filled with short, effective, beautiful lessons! Our first-ever poetry collection, I Sat by the Sea, is woven into the Level 3 lessons to increase reading fluency and vocabulary and to instill beautiful language patterns in children’s minds. This full-year course integrates and encourages a love of poetry, nature, high character, and wholesome, powerful literature. This beautiful and academically strong combines the following subjects into one easy-to-teach, no prep-time needed course: phonics, reading, writing, spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, vocabulary, geography, and art appreciation and instruction.  


Course Book: 120 lessons, 318 pages
Level 3 Personal Reader: 319 pages
I Sat by the Sea Poetry Collection: 102 pages

We are currently working on creating a new edition of Level 3 that will be released in early summer 2023.