Level 4 Language Arts Course Set

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Language Arts Level 4 builds a powerful foundation in language arts and opens children’s hearts and minds to high character and beautiful literature.The Level 4 Spelling & Writing Workshops helps children's writing skills blossom and dramatically improve spelling skills. This full-year, student-led language arts course integrates and encourages a love of poetry, nature, high character, and wholesome, powerful literature. This beautiful and academically strong course combines the following subjects into one easy-to-teach, no prep-time needed course: writing, spelling, reading, grammar, usage, punctuation, vocabulary, geography, and art appreciation and instruction.


  • Course Book: 120 lessons, 266 pages
  • Spelling & Writing Workshops Book: 206 pages
  • Level 4 Personal Reader: 350 pages
  • Level 4 World Biographies Reader: 197 pages