Level 8 Book Studies: Language Arts


Why were the book studies created?
The Good and the Beautiful curriculum has no Level 8 Language Arts course. The language arts courses go from Level 7 to the high school courses. Level 8 Book Studies are designed for students who have completed The Good and the Beautiful Level 7 Language Arts Course but do not want to start high school courses yet.

Each Level 8 Book Study contains self-guided lessons that lead the student through the chosen book as he or she studies language arts, geography, and art. Items needed to complete a book study include the following items: The book study booklet, the novel, The Good and the Beautiful Grammar and Writing Guide (This non-consumable guide is also used for the high school courses.), a blank (unlined) notebook for writing and drawing, and art supplies specific to each book study. For more information, download each book study sample and read the “About the Book Study” section.