Dinosaur discovery, fascinating fossils, archaeology and ancient artifacts, and more await in the Paleontology science unit! Immerse your children in hands-on activities, captivating videos and beautiful illustrations and images as they complete this exciting and easy-to-teach course.

Each family will need one copy of the Course Book and one Student Journal per child. Don't miss the read-aloud book pack and 7–8 extension book available below to expand learning and immerse your children in the lives of these amazing creatures!

Lesson 1: Introduction to Paleontology
Lesson 2: Discovering Fossils
Lesson 3: Introduction to Dinosaurs
Lesson 4: Land of Giants
Lesson 5: Carnivores and Herbivores
Lesson 6: Sky and Sea
Lesson 7: Fossils in Ice and Tar
Lesson 8: Introduction to Archaeology
Lesson 9: Excavation
Lesson 10: Artifacts
Lesson 11: Around the World in Ancient Days