Weather and Water


From thrilling storms and calming rains to heat waves and cold snaps, explore all the ways God keeps things growing and changing on our Earth in this engaging science unit. Create a Tornado in a Bottle, solve a Misty Mystery, locate clouds with a Cloud Viewer, and conduct many other exciting weather-related experiments throughout this new 14-lesson unit! Immerse your children in hands-on activities, fun experiments, captivating videos, and beautiful illustrations and images as they gain an appreciation for the weather and water in our world.

Each family will need one copy of the Course Book and one Student Journal per child. Don't miss the read-aloud book pack and 7–8 extension book available below to expand learning and immerse your children in the beauty and wonder of weather and water!

Lesson 1: Introduction to Weather
Lesson 2: Weather, Climate, and Seasons
Lesson 3: Water and Our World
Lesson 4: The Atmosphere
Lesson 5: Air
Lesson 6: Wind
Lesson 7: The Water Cycle
Lesson 8: Clouds and Weather Fronts
Lesson 9: Rain and Rainbows
Lesson 10: Snow, Sleet, Hail, and Freezing Rain
Lesson 11: Thunder and Lightning
Lesson 12: Severe Weather: Tornadoes and Tropical Cyclones
Lesson 13: Weather Forecasting
Lesson 14: The Beauty and Power of Water