Wonders of Energy


Watch your young scientists’ minds come alive as they learn about energy and its magnificent power. Through interactive lessons, engaging experiments, and captivating videos, students explore electricity, magnetism, heat, light, and sound as they gain a greater appreciation for the natural laws God organized upon this earth.

Each family will need one copy of the Course Book and one Student Journal per child. Don’t miss the read-aloud book pack and 7–8 extension book available below to expand learning.

Lesson 1 – Energy Is Everywhere
Lesson 2 – The History of Energy
Lesson 3 – Types of Energy
Lesson 4 – Potential Energy Forms
Lesson 5 –  Kinetic Energy Forms
Lesson 6 – Thermal Energy
Lesson 7 – Light Energy
Lesson 8 – Sound Energy
Lesson 9 – Electricity: Part 1
Lesson 10 – Electricity: Part 2
Lesson 11 – Magnetism
Lesson 12 – Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy
Lesson 13 – Conserving Energy
Lesson 14 – Energy and Design