Bring the study of rocks and minerals to life with our updated Geology science unit. Filled with breathtaking free videos and interactive learning, explore how earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and erosion change rocks to shape Earth’s tallest mountains and deepest caves. In this unit you will grow crystals, explode volcanoes, make mini earthquakes, and study the rock cycle. Get ready to be amazed at God’s beautiful, marvelous world!

Each family will need one copy of the Course Book and one Student Journal per child. Don’t miss the read-aloud book pack and 7–8 extension book available below to expand learning!

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Geology & Earth’s Composition
Lesson 2 – Plate Tectonics
Lesson 3 – Earthquakes
Lesson 4 – Volcanoes: Magma and Lava
Lesson 5 – Volcanoes: Types and Eruptions
Lesson 6 – Minerals
Lesson 7 – Crystals, Gems, Precious Stones, and Geodes
Lesson 8 – Rock Characteristics
Lesson 9 – Igneous Rock
Lesson 10 – Sedimentary Rock
Lesson 11 – Metamorphic Rock
Lesson 12 – The Rock Cycle
Lesson 13 – Geological Processes
Lesson 14 – Mountains and Other Landforms